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If you have difficulty conceiving,
lets us make your dreams a REALITY

Vitalab is a Johannesburg based fertility clinic that has been committed to helping couples build families since 1984, with one of the best success rates internationally.

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As a woman, at 35 years of age you have half the chance of falling pregnant than you did at age 25.

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Fertility Preservation

Hundreds of thousands of women around the world who may be partners or loved ones are affected by infertility. Learn more about our IVF and ICIS treatments here.

The Vitalab Patient Journey

Please take a few minutes to read through our brochure. It will help familiarise you with our routines and ensure the time you spend with us is as efficient as possible.


Our Internationally acclaimed fertility specialists offer more than 150 years of combined reproductive medicine and infertility expertise.

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Egg donation is the process through which an individual uses a known or, in most cases, anonymous egg donor in order to achieve a pregnancy through various.

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The best time to start a family is an entirely personal decision that only you can make. As part of the process you may choose to freeze your eggs and/or sperm.

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First Health Finance provides affordable payment plans to patients who are unable to afford the cost of fertility treatments.

Client Testimonials

Vitalab was a special journey; professional, friendly, thoughtfull and always willing to assist - I am truelly thankful to Dr Jacobson and his team. You and your team are truelly assisting God in touching so many lives and giving us hope.

6 weeks later we made the 5 hour trip again to Vitalab but this time with a feeling of excitement, doing the scan Dr Yossi showed us our TWO healthy babies and hearing those heartbeats for the first time was the best feeling ever and we were so thankful to the Vitalab team.

Thank you very much for your encouragement I almost gave up but you gave me hope. I have never been happier in my life, they are a blessing, I can proudly say my joy is complete. Every time when I look at them I thank God. May the Almighty God continue to bless your work and increase your knowledge as you help others, you really bring joy in people's lives.

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